Northern Bay College started the school year with an interim principal to guide it through a transition period following the retirement of Fred Clarke at the end of 2018.

Scott Dellar (pictured) is an Executive Principal appointed to set the platform for the future of the school. He has worked in schools for more than 35 years, in both country and metropolitan areas.

Mr Dellar said his experience so far, during Term 1, has been positive. “Great kids, a hard-working, passionate staff and a supportive community; an excellent platform for a fantastic future,” he said.

“I’m here to make a positive difference to students and the community, where the focus will be on learning, and I’m looking forward to working with groups and individuals to make this happen.”

An early initiative introduced by Mr Dellar is presentation of leadership blazers to 200 students across the college’s five campuses. They are part of a desire to show that leadership is valued and respected.

Mr Dellar said recognition of the leaders and opportunities to help them develop their skills will be celebrated across all campuses. He said the Northern Bay Challenge remains a priority to helping remove barriers for students after they leave school. Developing the college’s community partnerships, such as Deakin University, is also an important part of his role.

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