Chantelle leading 2 & 5

The 2 & 5 shop and café at Labuan Square has a new manager, with Chantelle Chauvet-Allen moving into the role in late 2016.

Chantelle is experienced working in community service organisations, especially with homelessness, and has a good understanding of the issues around food security and safety. She said it’s an important part of her role to take the time to sit and talk to her customers.

“I like seeing groups of people coming in and chatting with each other,” she said. “The communal aspect is an important part of what we do. It’s healthy, it’s safe and it’s social.”

2 & 5 is a social enterprise set up to address food insecurity by improving access to affordable, sustainable, fresh and healthy food. The 2 & 5 café and shop is open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm. It serves all day breakfast, lunch, tea and coffee, cakes and slices. The shop also sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and has free bread available twice a week, thanks to the Geelong Food Relief Centre.

Chantelle said she’s enjoying the variety of shops in Labuan Square that are bringing people to the precinct. They include Vinnies, a variety store, café, supermarket, pharmacy, cake shop, medical centre, an additional hairdresser and a new fish and chip shop.