Extra activities for students

School days have become longer for large numbers of Northern Bay College students who are taking advantage of their school’s extended activity program.

Up to 500 students from across the college’s five campuses are staying at school until 5pm to learn and experience programs they haven’t had the chance to take part in before.

Extended School Day Co-ordinator Amanda Baulch said during planning for the program, every student from Year 3 to 8 was given the opportunity to say what they believed they were missing out on.

“From this feedback the first program was created with students having the opportunity to participate in French, cooking, drama, Auslan, boxing, music lessons, science programs, just to name a few,” Mrs Baulch said. “They are embracing every minute of it.”

The program runs at the Goldsworthy campus Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm, when the children are provided with afternoon tea, until 4.45, when parents come and collect them.
Mrs Baulch said Term 3 timetables are almost finished, ready for students to sign up for next term.

“Our students are hungry to learn and we are here to help provide a vast array of experiences. We are always looking for new experiences and programs to expose our students to and for facilitators to run them, which is very exciting for the Northern Bay College community.”