Northerly Aspects is managed by an enthusiastic group of people who work to create an innovative newsletter and achieve the mission, vision and values of the organisation plus abide by the journalistic standards.

The Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee includes the editor, who is employed part-time, and is made up of people from:

  • The local community
  • Northerly Aspects Working Groups
  • Neighbourhood Houses

The production of the newsletter is supported by the above people plus volunteers within the neighbourhood houses and advertisers and sponsors. Editions are published four times a year and distributed in the school holidays. Content is drawn from all areas of the community, usually following a distinct theme set for each edition. The newsletter is constantly evolving and striving to meet the community’s preferences.

Our Mission:

Northerly Aspects’ mission is to provide a positive medium and local voice for the ideas and aspirations of people in the Geelong’s northern suburbs.

‘For the community, by the community’.