Corio resident Luke Anderson is a young man on a mission to inspire people to set goals for themselves, and put in the hard work to achieve them.

Luke was part of the official proceedings at the opening of the renovated and extended Cloverdale Community Centre. The opening event also included a community barbecue, followed by a meeting of the City of Greater Geelong Council.

In the first of several public speaking engagements, Luke explained how he used time he spent in prison to set out a plan for future achievements. He also spoke about what community centres like Cloverdale mean to people who don’t have all the answers themselves when they want to make serious and lasting change.

“I haven’t always done the right thing in my life, but I want to use my mistakes for good in the future,” Luke said. “I want to use my experience to help others with motivation, overcoming barriers and achieving goals despite societal labels.”

Luke is a participant in the City of Greater Geelong leadership program. He is also working as an electrician in a business he co-owns, as well as working on another business plan that will supply approved apparel to Victorian prisoners.

“I really want to use my life experiences as a starting point for having a positive influence on others,” he said.

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