Finding a healthy way to lose weight and live a healthier life can be hard.  At Cloverdale TOWN, the approach is to use a supportive, social environment to encourage each other.

TOWN stands for Take Off Weight Naturally, a low-cost club that helps members take steps needed to change their lifestyle, eat sensibly, exercise and achieve a personal and healthy goal weight.

The group has been based at Cloverdale Community Centre over many years and wants to welcome new members, regardless of their goals and abilities.

Team leader Kim Milburn said the group can support members who want to lose a lot of weight or just a few kilograms.

“We aim to create a social atmosphere and a community where people feel comfortable,” Kim said. “As well as a weekly weigh-in, with incentives for members who’ve lost weight, we have different topics and tips that can help.”

Weekly topics include tips for a balanced diet, exercise ideas, specific foods, eating well and knowing how to re-set when things don’t go according to plan.

Roslyn Hearn has lost 27 kilograms in her first 12 months of membership and this year has taken on responsibilities as assistant leader.

Roslyn, who has an intellectual disability, said losing weight in a supportive, social environment changed her life.

“I needed to lose weight for medical reasons and found it hard until I came to TOWN,” she said. “It’s helped many parts of my life and now I want to help other people.”

As assistant leader Roslyn has responsibilities during the weekly meetings and also looks forward to the social aspects of the group.

Cloverdale TOWN meets on Thursday mornings. For more information phone 0438-517-215.

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