Have you ever wondered about who is responsible what happens at our local Neighbourhood Houses? Volunteer community members play an important role as members of the Board or Committee of Management.

These are people with an interest or passion for their centre and a desire to contribute to their running. They are also community members who want to share their positive experiences with others.

Committee of Management or Board members set the direction of the organisation, then work closely with the centre staff to put their plans into action. Participation can be rewarding and enjoyable – it also provides good experience for other parts of life, such as work or other community service.

The current Norlane Community Centre board comprises Adam Fratantaro as the new Chair, Sandra Anderson (Secretary), Krystine Canny-Smith (Treasurer), Monique Hurley, Naomi Furlong, Stefan Manche and Bruce Warner.

Norlane co-coordinator Esther Konings-Oakes said there is room for more general members to come on board. “We are also looking for an experienced bookkeeper or accountant to take over from Krystine,” she said.

At Cloverdale Community Centre the committee of management has undergone quite a change in recent years.  Kellie Spark is in her first year as Chair and is supported by Steve Taylor (Deputy Chair), Mary Budd (Secretary), Peter Jewell (Treasurer), Dianne Johnston, Samuel Johnson, Matthew Pavelis and Helen Smith.

For more information about the Board and Committee of Management roles, call Cloverdale Community Centre, phone 5275-4415 or Norlane Community centre, phone 5275-8124.

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