The Northern Bay College community is supporting the One Million Stars project, which aims to raise awareness and promote education about the prevention of violence in the community.

One Million Stars to End Violence involves making eight-pointed stars that are symbols of light, courage and solidarity to end all forms of violence, including violence against women, bullying and racism.

The project is an opportunity to contribute to the promotion of safety for everyone, in our streets, homes, workplaces and schools. Every star woven is a symbolic representation that the community does not support any sort of violence and abuse.

Northern Bay College is aiming to weave at least 2000 stars that will be used in an installation then sent to the Gold Coast for a display at the Commonwealth Games in 2018. It has been running activities to include parents and students in the project.

Any volunteers who would like to become a star weaver must have current Working With Children Check and can contact Karen Uebergang at Hendy on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, phone 5228-4200, for more information.

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