Brodie Shaw, Penny Manning and Abby Van Baar are not letting cerebral palsy stand in their way of success.

The three young wheelchair-bound women, who are non-verbal and have limited movement, have inspired many people by writing a book called Sarcastic Blue Diarrhoea.

The trio wrote their book through Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices. Abby and Brodie use their eyes to write and Penny uses a clicker.

They meet together every Friday, along with their assistants, and spend the day creating and communicating with each other.

The book won an award in the 2017 Telescope writing and illustrations categories and the girls where presented with their award at the Melbourne City Library.

Brodie, Penny and Abby hosted launch of their book at Cloverdale Community Centre in July. The event was a great success and an affirmation that even though a disability is present, you achieve what you set out to.

The audience also viewed and used the communication device to understand how it works. To purchase Sarcastic Blue Diarrhoea, which costs $20, email [email protected]

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