Anthony Aitken and Kylie Grzybek are Corio and Norlane’s representatives on the newly-elected City of Greater Geelong Council.

Cr Aitken and Cr Grzybek were the successful candidates elected for Windermere Ward in the postal ballot held in October. Their Ward includes Norlane, Corio, Lara, Anakie and Batesford.

Cr Aitken has previously served as a councillor on the former Shire of Corio and was a City of Greater Geelong 16 years ago, while Cr Grzybek is new to local government. They will serve on the council for the next three years.

Cr Aitken said he and Cr Grzybek are both committed to working together, and with all levels of government, to get the best results for the northern suburbs.

“We hope to get out and about in the north to meet with as many community members and organisations as possible,” Cr Aitken said. “We want to promote the area and include the north in council decision making.”

The new council is:

Stephanie Asher, Jim Mason and Trent Sullivan (Bellarine Ward).

Eddy Kontelj, Sarah Mansfield and Peter Murrihy (Brownbill Ward).

Bruce Harwood, Ron Nelson and Pat Murnane (Kardinia Ward).

Anthony Aitken and Kylie Grzybek (Windermere Ward).

The new council elected Cr Bruce Harwood to serve as Mayor for the next two years, while Cr Peter Murrihy was elected Deputy Mayor.

For general inquiries and to have staff pass on messages and invites to councillors, phone the Mayor and Councillor Office, 5272-5294, between 9am and 5pm.

To contact Cr Aitken, email  [email protected] or phone 0434-307-044.

To contact Cr Grzybek, email [email protected] or phone 0434-307-043.

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