As lockdowns continue to impact everyone in the community, some people have taken on important roles in supporting others. Through many different types of contributions, big and small, they’ve become lockdown heroes to others.

At Cloverdale Community Centre, Issara Daim never stops helping others.

Issara is the driving force behind the centre’s successful Thai meals program which plans and prepares affordable, delicious meals most Thursday evenings. The meals are advertised on the centre’s Facebook page, where orders must be made by noon on Wednesday.

The meals program began by bringing together a group of mostly Thai women who were experiencing vulnerability during the 2020 lockdowns. It has since grown to a broad group of volunteers who help out each week.

In addition, Issara provides wellbeing support to the community and conducts education programs including helping others work towards the Australian citizenship test.

Centre manager Liz Bonner said Issara is emerging as an important leader at Cloverdale and in the broader community. “Her willingness to learn, then share her time and knowledge with others is quite amazing,” Liz said. “She is a very important member of our team, which also includes many volunteers who are so generous with their time and effort.”

At Norlane Community Centre, Sandra Whitson is a lockdown hero.

Centre Co-ordinator Esther Koning-Oakes said: “Sandra is a highly valued volunteer and member of the Norlane Community Centre. She attends the craft, mosaics and Tai chi and put up her hand earlier this year to join the Board of Management to share in the governance of our centre.

“During every lockdown, Sandra comes in to tend the gardens, plant seeds and collect produce. She distributes the produce to members of various groups in the community and was instrumental in touching base with people during this time.

“She continues to do all this without a car – bringing in her trusty shopping jeep and never complains or let anything get in her way. She is always friendly and happy to have a chat and help lighten a load.

“Sandra has joined the team to pack boxes for food distribution and will often picks up things she knows people around her would use. Her care for our community, keeping them connected, her commitment to growing fresh healthy produce in the garden and distributing this to the people around her makes her a lockdown hero.”

Do you have a lockdown hero?

Is there someone in your life who has helped you through tough times, especially during lockdowns in 2020 and 2021?

You’re invited to send details of your lockdown hero for mention in our next edition. We want to know who they are and what they’ve done to help you. Send your information to [email protected].

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