Corio artist Andrew Woodman-Gadsby is enjoying the success of years of work following his first exhibition in Geelong. He is a member of the Geelong Art Society and in late 2021 was invited to exhibit at the group’s Shearers Arms Gallery.

Andrew works in several mediums. As a sculptor he works with limestone to create unique pieces in different sizes and themes. He also paints in acrylic and pastels, with a focus on landscapes and animals. 

Andrew is also a sketch artist and print-maker. He has been drawing since he was a child and took up painting in his early twenties.

“When I was a child, I was mostly drawing cartoons, but I remember one day in primary school and we had to draw faces,” he said. “The other kids were drawing big round eyes etc and I was sketching a face. I think the teach and other kids were surprised.”

Andrew said his exhibition was satisfying and he sold a lot of his work. “I was surprised to be asked to exhibit and happy with how it went,” he said. “It’s given me something to think about for the next one.”

Learning from others is also important to Andrew, who attends regular classes in print-making and pastels. He also recently completed an introduction to metalwork program at Cloverdale Community Centre to see how those techniques could be incorporated into his sculpture work. 

“I enjoy being able to keep learning new things and help other people with their art,” Andrew said.

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